Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Welcome to my new blog!

Why am I starting this blog?
  1. For things that don't fit into the subjects I have already started blogs about,
  2. For things that are more personal to me,
  3. To allow me the freedom to write posts on any subject,
  4. So that other blogs can 'spin off' from this blog.
I've found that a lot of material on the web is quite personalized, such as personal profiles and various blog widgets. A personal blog will allow me to post this information.

My main areas of knowledge are Christianity and Information Technology. I expect I will be posting on these subjects, as well as the many things which I find on the web from time to time.

Can I encourage you to subscribe to the Atom or RSS feed for this blog, to join my blog community, and to look at the various widgets I have added to this blog - do you use Twitter, for example? Oh yes, and read my posts!

Also, check out my other blogs, Believers Bookshelf and Christian Web Resources. I've only just started them, but more is to come.

A feed reader will help you greatly by enabling you to subscribe to blogs. Two good online feed readers are Bloglines and Google Reader.

Do you have your own blog? If not, why not start one? Blogger is a good platform to use, and it is completely free.

If you do have a blog, why not join MyBlogLog, and invite me to join your community?

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